STCCThe 2013 Swedish Touring Car Championship was founded in 1996, originally heavily influenced by it’s British counterpart. In 2012 a break-out group formed a new series called TTA with the aim of reducing costs and introducing a silhouette chassis more in line with GT specifications. For 2013 the two series will merge under the banner of STCC, keeping the regulations of the former TTA series.

 2013 Swedish Touring Car Championship Calendar





1 Knutstorp Ring Knutstorp May 5
2 Stockholm Solvalla June 8
3 Gothenburg Gothenburg City June 29
4 Västkustloppet Falkenberg July 13
5 Östersund Östersund August 10
6 Kanonloppet Karlskoga August 24
7 Tierp Tierp Arena September 7
8 Mantorp Mantorp Park September 21